Simpson Judge

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At Simpson Judge we have a very different approach to recruitment than most of our competitors. We don’t believe in pointless KPIs, long hours in the office, no work life balance and demotivational commission structures.

Why Us?

At Simpson Judge we do things differently.

We don’t believe in pointless KPIs, long hours in the office, no work life balance and demotivational commission structures. Instead, we facilitate balance with increased opportunity.

Being familiar with the common problems in our industry we have a lot to offer to combat these –

Signing a cheque

Commission structure

  • A simple and easy to follow monthly commission plan at market leading rates.
  • Low threshold that doesn’t roll.
  • No other metrics to avoid paying what you have earnt.
  • Fee splits that make sense and don`t cause internal conflict.

Office hours

Working hours

  • We have always been flexible pre-covid. This isn’t a new word to us.
  • Work from home available as well as office space in all locations.
  • No late nights or poorly run incentives.
  • No requirement to “report back” when working from home. We trust our consultants.
  • Market leading holiday allowance and Xmas shut down on top of allowance.
  • A complete understanding of out of work commitments – we have them ourselves!



  • Feel free to reach out to our consultants and talk to them.
  • Management all still do the job. We understand the market and are at the coal face with you.
  • We are always open to suggestions and new ways of doing things.
  • You will be working a larger patch than you are used to in almost all cases.
  • Incentives and rewards include everyone – not just the top performers at the time.



  • We are open to recruiters from all sectors than understand the 360 recruitment role. We can train the sector knowledge.
  • We have a clear path for career progression, and this can be accelerated for top performers also.
  • We can help you progress into more senior markets if that is something you wish to do.



  • We will provide you with all the support you need but we wont force this upon you.
  • Data, Technology and advice on process are all readily available and constantly reviewed.
  • There are no KPIs
  • You will be allowed to run your desk as your own, including making commercial decisions.
  • Want to grow a team? – we will help you develop and grow a team.



  • We will help you increase your earning potential – short and long term.
  • We want people to be with us long term and we are happy to look at EMI, Shares etc for the right people.
  • We will give clear goals and objectives and seek to avoid the “carrot and stick method” at all costs.
  • We will help you become self-sufficient and a true 360 recruiter.