Sam Greenslade Career Timeline

23 January 2023

Sam Greenslade Career Timeline

Talking about how we have a clearly defined career path for our employees to embrace is one thing, but it’s not always easy to visualize, so we wanted to show you!

Sam joined the Simpson Judge Team in December 2019 as a Recruitment Consultant in the Accountancy & Finance Division, with a focus on part qualified and newly qualified finance roles in London.

Within 6 months Sam had progressed to Senior Recruitment Consultant, seeing the potential he started to focus on building on new markets within London and moving towards qualified finance markets.

In December 2020 Sam became Business Manager – Senior Finance, focusing on qualified and senior finance recruitment. Hitting targets quickly and servicing more senior projects.

By April 2021 he had progressed to Senior Business Manager, which now included staff management and a mandate to build a large Accountancy & Finance Team covering senior and transactional finance.

Sam was promoted to Associate Director – Finance London in February 2022 with a mandate to build a team of 10 recruiters to covering London Finance. With a personal focus on CFO and FD recruitment.

Looking at Sam’s targets and achievements to date it is imminent that he will be made Director – London Finance. Once promoted to the role there is an EMI scheme in place and his mandate will be build towards transaction.

We are proud of Sam’s development and growth at Simpson Judge and there are plenty more fantastic career timelines to be showcase over the coming weeks.

If you are looking for a new career path or not feeling that you are supported in your current recruitment role, then get in touch or you can reach out and speak to Sam further about his Simpson Judge journey! We have several job openings now and with our rapid growth plans for 2023 we know that it’s going to be an exciting year for the whole Simpson Judge Team, so now is the perfect time to get on board.