A rising STAR within Simpson Judge, Ric Seear.

10 March 2023

Ric Seear

As recruiters, at Simpson Judge we pride ourselves on digging beyond the CV to find not just talent, but the raw and rare qualities that will make them compatible with the company.

This passion of digging beneath the surface a kind of corporate x-ray vision if you will has paid off dividends in the acquisition of Ric Seear, our Accountancy Practice Business Manager for the Northwest and Manchester, who has been our fastest-promoted team member since joining us only thirteen months ago. We are putting him under the spotlight this week to get an insight into how the stellar journey of this rising star has been made possible by Simpson Judge.

When speaking to Ric you can feel the passion and ambition, he has to succeed is driven from his desire to do well for his young family, but also building stability and comfort for the future.

Ric worked in the energy sector for a time and then for Burnley football club within an administration role. It is safe to say that he is a big football fan and shrewdly aimed to combine his passion and his career.

His time in these roles had provided enough experience working with people to have piqued his interest in recruitment and finally after realising he wasn’t enjoying his work…

Pick whichever cliché you like; Ric decided to go with his gut and follow his heart and get into recruitment. Unless you are a farmer, completely changing fields can be daunting, but Ric had a set goal. This led him to his only recruitment role interview and the interview room at Simpson Judge. First impressions and real discussions do count and it’s clear from both sides, that they liked what they saw. Our directors saw the raw qualities in Ric that they wanted to bring on board.

“I said I 100% wanted the job in the room and they offered me the job in the car on the way home and I accepted straight away.” said Ric.

The organic relationships formed at this meeting has gone on to be incredibly successful for all involved. Ric has cited the ‘career map’ being one of the things he loves the most about Simpson Judge, he benefits from a clearly defined path of promotion, you can see exactly what you need to do to get where you want to be, which drives him to constantly improve.

“It’s not about who knows the boss the longest or who’s the friendliest! You put the numbers on the board you are going to get promoted pretty quick. I got promoted twice in my first few weeks; they made a big thing of it as the fastest two promotions in the business.” Said Ric

“Just shows someone can come in with no real experience, if people are onboarded in the right way that we have the platform here for people to do really well.” He added.

He describes the office environment as fun but productive, where colleagues have become friends and you find yourself laughing throughout the day, a unique place to work. Devoid of traditional office politics, our carefully selected team shares goals and aim to advance together.

After working his way up to Accountancy Practice Business Manager and management team within a year, Ric’s focus is now on heading up the practice market and developing and growing his team, which he has full support of the Directors. Looking to the future and Simpson Judge’s long term growth plans, Ric feels lucky to have the opportunity to be included within the company’s ambitious plans.

When asked the dullest of corporate questions, Ric chose ‘rewarding’, ‘challenging’ and ‘enjoyable’ as the three words to best describe working for Simpson Judge. However, he indirectly did a better job naturally at a different stage of our chat with “Everyone celebrates everyone”.