Doing things right – 360 Recruiters

2 August 2023

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Speaking to Ric Seear over the last week about his Accountancy Practice Team their growth and plans for this next year, we discussed several different trends and market topics, covering all things Accountancy Practice from skills shortage, reasons for people moving roles, the Simpson Judge values and recruitment approach to the challenges and frustrations the team face and what could thwart their challenge for the Top Team Award 2024!

Back in 2015 our MD Ben James wrote a post on Linkedin titled “Lazy Recruiters – Do the Job Properly”, discussing an increasing trend towards recruiters who misrepresent candidates by sending their CVs to Firms/Companies without gaining any kind of permission from them first. Over 8 years on and supposedly tighter GDPR and Data privacy laws you would think that this trend would be curtailed, alas no this is still rife in the industry, particularly in candidate short markets such as Accountancy Practice and Corporate Finance Sectors. And the team’s number one frustration and challenge that they are dealing with daily!

This annoyance to Ric and the team has occurred several times in the last week and they are losing out on delivering the best candidates to clients, but they are finding it more frustrating for their candidates as they are missing out on fantastic opportunities. Due to lazy recruiters trying to short cut the process and make a quick buck out of candidates, that either apply to jobs or put their CVs on an online database such as Reed or Total Jobs.

While it is a challenge for the team, it is just an annoyance, as after recognising this growing trend back in 2015, Ben and Rob set about creating the Simpson Judge 360-Recruiter Training Academy and set of values that Simpson Judge consultants would be expected to uphold and deliver on.

Ric Said “We can’t be responsible for everyone else in the industry, that’s just not possible and the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Companies Regulations should hold them accountable. However, what we can do is provide our clients and candidates we represent a truly transparent and outstanding service, setting the gold standard for the industry. That’s what the Accountancy Practice Team and all at Simpson Judge deliver and the Simpson Judge 360-Recruiter Training Academy gives everyone the opportunity to continue their professional development and be the best recruiter they can be!”

Our personal approach and transparent process of how we contact candidates about opportunities to the negotiation of benefit and salary packages is communicated to the candidate every step of the way. We believe our hands on and transparent approach to deliver a truly tailored recruitment solution is what sets us apart from the competition. It is the foundations of what Simpson Judge has been built on and is fundamental to the aspired growth for the Accountancy Practice Team and Simpson Judge.

We won’t dwell on what lazy recruiters are doing wrong and how they cause big issues for the client, the candidate and any other recruiters that are doing the job properly. As let’s face it, briefing or gaining candidate’s permission before sending a CV is a basic thing in recruitment and should be fundamental to the recruitment process, but unfortunately it still seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

We would like to offer advice and support to candidates and clients alike, choose a recruitment partner carefully and only use individuals or agencies that you trust and come recommended, as these are the ones that will take the time to build a relationship with you, understand your goals and deliver an outstanding service.

If you are reading this and it resonates with a recent experience, then we have several testimonials of our proven track record and success in delivering quality candidates and Ric and the team would be happy to discuss our tailored process with you.