Simpson Judge Launches Global Division

26 April 2023

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Simpson Judge has announced its global expansion into the United States of America. The launch of a first global division follows several years of rapid growth in the UK professional services staffing sectors, leveraging its strong networks and reputation the firm will focus its initial efforts in Accountancy & Finance markets.

Spearheaded by Sam Greenslade a rising star within Simpson Judge with the support of Directors Ben James and Rob Simpson, the new global division will service the US market initially from our Northwest based offices working UK hours, with a primary focus on Accountancy & Finance roles within the Tri-State area.

“It’s been an exciting time for growth for Simpson Judge particularly over the last 12 months, there is a real buzz in the office with our rapidly growing team and the opportunity to expand into the US market is the start of our longer-term objective to become a leading global professional services recruitment provider. We have faith in Sam to incubate and grow the USA business just as he has done with our London offering, the UK business will continue to scale organically, and we will continue hiring into our academy for the foreseeable.” said Ben James, Managing Director.

“This move will allow us to offer additional career prospects and options for our current and future team members.” added James.

Due diligence and business strategy to only focus on markets with true growth potential is the foundation which Simpson Judge has been built on. The success of the business is testament to the market selection with scalability, the global expansion is no different, the US represents 34% of the global staffing market, six times larger than the UK market share.

Utilising our expertise within the Accountancy & Finance market has enabled a strong start to the global division with an unrivalled industry knowledge and network, the ability to deliver a tailored solution to any recruitment project is exactly what US businesses are looking for. They see the value that professional recruiters add to their businesses and Simpson Judge has the outstanding service offering and wealth of experience to counter the hiring challenges they face.

As soon as the core market is established, there is an ambitious plan to follow the primary finance market with both Legal and IT recruitment offerings. With the goal of the business becoming a multi-office Finance, Legal and IT recruiter across America.

“Since launching the division just under a month ago we have gained immediate traction and already have exclusive jobs we are working on in the Finance sector. There’s more CFOs in the Tri-State area than in the whole of the UK, which just demonstrates the size of the market and the opportunity!” commented Sam Greenslade.

Adding “Since joining the company 4 years ago I have gone through multiple promotions and recently made Director, I was looking for a new challenge and this certainly is an exciting one! The aim is to grow and scale our US offering just like we have with the UK business, with the goal of having offices across the United States. It’s going to be lots of hard work developing the new market offering, but it will be a fantastic platform for others wanting a new challenge too.”

The rapid growth of the business is showing no signs of slowing down, which is largely due to the Simpson Judge values, they are the foundations of what Simpson Judge has been built on and support the growth and ambition across the business. Guiding the way we work with clients, relate to candidates, and engage with each other, valuing the importance of a team above all and clearly producing some rising STARs within the industry.

Simpson Judge headcount is currently at 47 employees, with a target of reaching a 70 headcount before the end of 2023.

Looking for a new challenge within a company with clear career progression and professional development for all employees? Then get in touch today and help Simpson Judge realise the aspiration of being a leading global provider of professional services recruitment.