Why Choose a Specialist Recruiter?

29 June 2023

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Over the last few years, the hiring landscapes has become more complicated with remote and hybrid work options changing the environment for both candidates and clients alike.

Whether you’re a financial, accountancy, legal or IT professional looking into new roles, or a company searching for talent, working with a specialist recruiter will give you the dedicated support to prosper in the new world of working.

Professional services recruitment can be a daunting concept for anyone to approach, a specialist recruitment agency will help you navigate the complex hiring landscape, no matter what your objectives might be. Here are some reasons why you choose to partner with a specialist recruiter.

  1. Industry Knowledge

Firstly, specialist recruiters have been working in their dedicated industry for several years, they have seen the hiring landscape and working environment change and have helped clients and candidates to change with it. As new trends enter their industry, your recruitment partner will ensure that you don’t end up with a talent shortage, they will discuss the kinds of new roles you may require to fill the new talent gaps as the industry evolves.

An effective specialist recruitment team industry knowledge is second to none. For candidates in search of new roles, this means they can assist you to seek out opportunities you may never have even considered – perfect if you’re looking for something new! Your recruiter can also aid you to make the right impression with everything from your CV to your video interview.

Recruitment partners offer clients a unique behind-the-scenes insight into what it takes to attract top talent in the market right now, showing you how to make your employer brand attractive to candidates and what you can do to make your job offers and packages stand out.

  1. In Partnership

It’s all about long-term partnerships for recruitment teams, they’re not just there for a quick meeting, they will offer the exact kind of recruitment solutions you need, whether that’s building a complete talent pipeline or hiring ad-hoc staff. A recruitment team with specific industry specialists will take time to get to know your business, understand your objectives, hiring strategy and discover what a successful candidate looks like for your business, thus ensuring that you reach your goals by giving you access to the talent pool you need.

Recruitment professionals will also assist individuals to progress their career. With insights into what hiring managers are looking for, they will show you how to stand out and make yourself appealing to the hiring manager. They will build a relationship with you, take time to understand your needs, discuss your career goals in depth, and keep your name on file for whenever the perfect opportunity for you lands on their desk.

  1. Recruitment Education

Specialist recruitment teams offer consistent advice and expertise to candidates from the moment that they graduate to when they’re ready to retire, aiding candidates to learn critical skills that will help them secure roles.

Although committed to finding the right connections between candidates and clients, they are more than just relationship managers. A dedicated professional services recruitment team can teach you things and provide additional information you need to survive in a complicated hiring environment, this could be something like helping you to train your hiring managers in giving video interviews or tips to candidates on soft skills and how to promote these at interview.

  1. Trusted Network

One of the major benefits of working with a specialist recruiter is that they know all the right people and the ones you want to be acquainted with. They can build a huge, trusted network of talented industry professionals, which would give you a head start when looking to fill an opening in your team. They also have the potential to approach candidates that you wouldn’t usually attract with a standard job listing.

If you’re looking to take your career in a different direction, your recruitment partner can support you to achieve this in several ways, advising you on how you might need to update your CV and start networking in different locations or areas. They can give you a range of options and may even be able to give you introductions to employers searching for talent just like you! Or even give you access to job listings for new careers you might be suited to if you are looking for something completely new when you’re not “actively” searching.

  1. Time Efficiency

For businesses, working with the right recruitment partner saves you a lot of time and ultimately money connected to searching for talent on your own. With years of experience of being the intermediary between industry experts and their ideal employers, they can fulfil hiring needs in no time at all. Working with recruitment teams with the desired specialism, will ensure that you waste less time looking for the right people to help grow your business and focus on reaching your business objectives.

For candidates, working with a specialist recruiter means you spend less time applying for jobs that don’t suit your working style or career goals. A dedicated recruiter can connect you with the perfect hiring manager from the start, so that you can get your dream job faster!

Want to be successful?

The ultimate resource for any company or candidate alike is a specialist recruitment team. With the right recruitment partner by your side, you will discover talent or employment opportunities you need in no time at all. Or for candidates in search or new roles, specialist support means they can help you seek out opportunities you never even considered.

As a leading professional services recruiter Simpson Judge has dedicated divisions for Accountancy & Finance, Legal and Systems & IT, with high-quality Business Managers with specific industry expertise at the helm of each team. With a wealth of industry knowledge and an unrivalled network, discover the true benefits of working with a recruitment specialist today.

Looking for the best person to contact? Here are our senior managers driving the professional services teams. Our Accountancy & Finance Division is comprised of 4 teams; Jamie Osborne & Beth Harris manage the North west and Manchester Finance Team, James Wood runs the Midlands Finance Team, Marcus Polledri oversees the London Finance Team and Ric Seear is in charge of the Accountancy Practice Team.

Looking for Legal or Systems & IT recruitment expertise? Millie Ebbrell and Darren Guttridge manage our Legal Division with Millie covering Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Midlands and Darren covering Legal in London. Oliver Underwood is the Director of our Systems & IT division; all of their contact information can be found on either the specialisms pages or in about us.

Contact the team today, they would love to support your career success.